Sustainability is important to us


“I firmly believe that our new framework will help us maintain our sustainability leadership, which will be a competitive advantage and driver of profitable growth over the next decade.”

Jonas Samuelson
CEO Electrolux


Our sustainability framework - For the better 2030

Our sustainability framework - For the Better 2030 - defines how Electrolux works to achieve Better Solutions, Better Company and Better Living. It includes our most important sustainability issues and helps us strive toward our purpose to shape living for the better.

better solutions


Lead in energy- and resource efficient solutions

Offer circular products and business solutions

Eliminate harmful materials

better company


Be climate neutral and drive clean and resource-efficient operations

Act ethically, lead in diversity and respect human rights

Drive supply chain sustainability

Better living


Make sustainable eating the preferred choice

Make clothes last twice as long with half the environmental impact

Make homes healthier and more sustainable through smart solutions for air, water and floors

Better solution

Better Solutions

Meeting the growing global market formhousehold appliances without increasing environmental impact requires us to further optimize product performance and make better use of resources:

  • We create ever more efficient, highperformance appliances, which help consumers to live better lives, save money and reduce their environmental footprint.
  • We will proactively contribute toward the circular economy by integrating a circular approach into our products and solutions.
  • Our consumers can be reassured that we manage chemicals carefully and replace those that cause concern.
Better company

Better Company

We work continuously to be more resource efficient, and become a safer, diverse and more ethical company– both in our own operations and throughout our supply chain:

  • We are reducing our own footprint by running efficient operations all around the world.
  • We continue to build an ethical, diverse, inclusive and trusted company, where everyone impacted by our operations can feel confident that their rights are respected.
  • Our products are to be made in the same way throughout our global supply chain – with respect for the people who made them and care for the environment.
Better living

Better Living

We aim to shape better and more sustainable living around the world by promoting better eating, better garment care and better home environments:

  • By positively influencing how our products are used, we can reduce food waste, promote resource efficient food choices and nutrition, as well as enhance sustainable eating experiences.
  • As a leading laundry appliance manufacturer, we can further contribute to more sustainable laundry practices by incorporating innovative solutions and promoting modern laundry habits that increase laundry efficiency and improve garment care.
  • We offer consumers air, water and floor products and solutions that promote wellbeing in the home by making indoor environments healthier and caring for them more sustainably.
Better Eating

Better Eating

Food is the single most critical factor when it comes to our health. It is also critical to our planet’s health, with the food industry accounting for one third of global energy consumption and over 20 percent of emissions.* All the more shocking, then, that 30 percent of the food we buy is thrown away,** even though one-ninth of the world is going to sleep hungry each night.*** That is why we aim to help people make better eating choices in ways that are effortless and enjoyable.

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*UN SDG, 2018 **UN SDG, 2018 ***Food Aid Foundation, Hunger Map, 2019 
Shape better living for tomorrow

Shaping better living for tomorrow

As a global appliance manufacturer, Electrolux is a name that already exists in many homes. We, along with other companies, government leaders, scientists, activists – and of course, the youth of today – all play an important role in determining what sustainable living will look like tomorrow.

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