Looking for a good investment? Choose an Electrolux front-load washer for your family

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Want to cut down on house chores for the family? Spend more time with your loved ones while you let technology do the work? Congratulations, you are on your way to becoming a proud owner of a washing machine.

But what is a good washing machine? Lo and behold, standing between you and a brand-new washing machine that will change the way you live is one last question you need to answer - What type of washing machine is suitable for your home? Mainly, there are two choices: front load washing machine OR top load washing machine. This little decision, however, requires weighing and considering a few things before you can settle on the right washing machine.

For getting your money’s worth, nothing can beat an Electrolux front load washing machine. Let us give you an essential washing machine buying guide that will help you make this difficult investment decision.

1. No color fading, no matter how many times washed

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Tested and certified by Interlek institute’s laboratory by comparing with models EWF12932 and UltimateCare™ EWF12933

Your fabric might have started off with flashy vibrant colors, but if you take care of it the wrong way, the color will quickly fade.

Do you know what completely protects the color of your clothes from fading? The UltraMix™ technology inside an Electrolux front load washing machine. Make color fading a thing of the past. The UltraMix™ technology pre-mixes laundry detergent with water before spraying the mixture onto your clothes, maximizing the effectiveness of your laundry detergent. The wash cycle under UltraMix™ also uses 30°C water, perfectly preserving the vividness of the fabric color and making it always look brand new.

2. Cleaner than a top load washing machine



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Most people think that any type of washing machine - front load or top load, provides the same level of cleanliness. In truth, front load washing machines provide superior cleaning, thanks to the amazing SensorWash™ technology that can do two jobs at once.

First, the SensorWash™ uses its turbidity sensor to assess the dirt and stain level in the laundry at the start of the cycle, and automatically calculates the time needed to remove them during wash. The function can tackle the tiniest dirt crumps to the nastiest of mud stains with detergent and the first rinse.

The second step after the rinse is complete is the conductivity sensor that will check for detergent residue on the laundry and calculate the optimum number of additional rinses (with a maximum addition of 2 rinses) needed to double-check that the pesky residue is removed.

3. Cost savings



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Introducing a new Electrolux front load washing machine to your home is a long-term investment, one with surprisingly exceptional returns.

How does it do that? With LoadSensor™ technology that displays the weight of your laundry in real time and recommends the suitable amount of detergent and softener for the wash.

After the LoadSensor™ perfects the preparation for the wash, the Electrolux front load washing machine will automatically adjust its water level to be more suitable for the wash, while a top load washer always needs a high water level to cover all the clothes. In addition, LoadSensor™ will calculate wash cycle length and spinning power to suit the weight of the loaded laundry. This fine-tuning of the parameters not only results in an incomparably effective wash, but also saves overall costs beyond expectations.

4. Better Living with Better Technologies

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Investing in an Electrolux front load washing machine will not disappoint. With all the handy functions and technologies packed into one single machine, an Electrolux washing machine will make your life much easier, giving you back the valuable time previously spent on dealing with laundry and related issues.

One wash by an Electrolux front load washing machine and your clothes will be ready to go, with the innovative technologies of Vapour Care that steams your clothes into fantastic fluffliness, Vapour Refresh that gets rid of any fabric crease, SensorWash™ that makes sure your clothes are completely free of dirt or detergent residue, and lastly LoadSensor™ that helps save on costs with every wash with precise calculations of water, electricity, and detergent usage.

We hope these reasons help you to land on the best front load washer money can buy. Check out additional information and browse through different Electrolux washing machines here.


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