5 unexpected items you can wash in the washing machine

On a hustling and bustling day with endless house chores on the horizon, a good washing machine can be a friend indeed. You pop the laundry into your trusty washing machine and go about your other chores at ease. However, did you know that washing machines can clean many unexpected items? Some of them will catch you by surprise, guaranteed.

From cleaning delicates such as furs to an introduction to washing shoes in the washer, let us show you 5 unexpected items that can easily be washed in a washing machine.



Endless online discussions have taken place on whether sneakers can be washed in a washing machine or if they would simply just be ruined in the wash.

Well, we are here to put that argument to rest once and for all.

Electrolux front load washing machines can most definitely wash your favorite sneakers. Just simply rinse away any noticeable dust or dirt from the sneakers with water before putting them in a washing bag to maximize your washing results. Electrolux front load washing machines are the go-to solution to clean sneakers in the washer. Be cautious of cleaning recommendationss given for your sneakers as well as unique characteristics of the model that may make machine washing unsuitable.




Whether it is braving the delicious mess of their favorite treat or enduring the twisting and turning during nap time, your children’s favorite teddy bear keeps them company through thick and thin.

But did you know these seemingly harmless and cuddly stuffed toys are great collectors of dust and dirt, making them effective carriers of disease?

Rest assured, with an Electrolux washing machine, your children are safe and they can keep snuggling their plush doll without danger. Unwanted affliction from dust is easily removed by giving teddy a much-needed bath with an Electrolux front load washing machine’s Vapour Action function. Teddy will come out of the swirly bath feeling soft, fluffy and ready for a good hug by your little darling.

Most importantly, an Electrolux front load washing machine’s Vapour Action eliminates 99% of allergens from washed items, making sure that allergy is not a problem for any stuffed toy.



“I adore my favorite coat but taking it out for a day always means a visit to the dry cleaner. It’d be great if I could wash it by myself at home!”

This is the thought that runs through your mind every time you’re obliged to take that extra trip to your trusty but expensive dry cleaner, knowing you wouldn't dare machine wash your coats and wool for fear of unexpected results.

Electrolux front load washing machines have a Wool Program function that is designed to specifically wash wool, with a specialization in preventing fur clumps as well as giving your wool that pristine fluffiness and shine for any special occasion.

  1. CAPS

Electrolux_Washer#1_Photo_04_ edited.png

Whether your personal style calls for a snapback or a fitted, caps are timeless accessories, worn easily by everyone.

Unfortunately, swag is not the only thing a cap brings to your character. Sweat stains and unwanted smell unavoidably accompany caps and their wearers. Sunbathing your cap out in the open air does help get rid of some of the smell, but never all of it.

Well, if you can wash your shoes in a washer, why not caps? Caps are another item that is conveniently washable by a washing machine. Just take caution not to spin dry your cap after machine washing to avoid misshaping the cap.



Yoga mats are essential for working out at home. They don’t take up a lot of space, are light and are easily stored by simply rolling them up and leaning them against the wall somewhere at arm’s reach, ready to be snatched up for your next Kundalini yoga session.

This health-centric item, however, is an incomparable breeding ground for bacteria. It absorbs countless drops of sweat from your various exercises and poses, accumulating into a pool of dirtiness that can have adverse effects on your health.

We recommend washing your yoga mat with an Electrolux front load washing machine once a week. Loosely roll up your yoga mat and put it in the washing machine. After a short washing cycle, you will have yourself a nice clean mat along with a refreshing scent that pleasantly complements your workout, ready to go for another set of your strength poses.

These 5 items can be put into an Electrolux washing machine to save energy and time when cleaning. Besides, the items can also be put in the dedicated rack and dried in an Electrolux dryer that helps preserve the fabric and extend the usage, preventing potential problems caused by line drying such as clothes bein misshapen or over-dried. 

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