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Stoves & hobs buying guide

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When it comes to cooking, having a reliable stove is a must. Buying a new stove can be overwhelming when you haven't been in the market for some time, things have probably changed, and you have new things to consider when making your selection.   

We have created a helpful buying guide to help you choose a good hob, be it an induction or a gas stove, for the way you and your family cook. Take a look at our tips below on how to choose an induction/gas stove your kitchen. 

1. Stove & hob sizing: Things to consider

When researching for a new stove, it’s important to consider all elements of its size. You need to consider not only the width of the hob but also the number of different cooking zones it offers and whether they have flexibility.

The standard stove size is 60cm, enough for most households, however some brands offer stoves as small as 30cm, slightly bigger at 70cm and the largest being 90cm. You may look at pairing a 30cm gas or induction hob with a 60cm stove of a different type, giving you ultimate flexibility in the kitchen.

When looking at cooking zones, it is common to have 4. However, you may also find other combinations below:

  • 3 zones - 2 small and 1 large
  • 4 zones of varying sizes with 1 having adjustable sizing between small and large
  • 4 cooking zones - varying sizes with 2 able to become 1 large zone

2. Types of stoves

Induction hobs


Whilst not currently the most chosen stove type, induction cooking popularity continues to rise with it being integrated into most modern kitchen designs. With its precision in temperature control and overall efficient performance induction cooking in a lot of ways comes out on top.

Find more helpful information in our article about Things you need to know about induction cooking.  

Ideal for:

  • Small family - large family
  • Apartment living
  • Rental properties

Below are some highlighted features that Electrolux induction hob offer:  

Boiling or high heat in no time

PowerBoost offers you a rapid boil or high heat in a matter of seconds, giving you more time back in or out of the kitchen.

Clean and sleek with precise control

With a flat, easy to clean surface, an induction hob offers not only a design that fits seamlessly into any kitchen aesthetic but complete temperature control with a slide of a finger.

Safety first

Kitchen safety comes before everything else. Induction hobs come with residual heat indicators allowing you to know when the stove is completely cooled and a child safety feature which locks the controls so small wandering hands cannot create mischief in the kitchen.

One touch to pause

The pause function comes in handy if you must leave the kitchen momentarily. At the touch of a button all cooking zones in active will be dropped to the lowest heat level to ensure dishes stay warm but won’t be overcooked.

No risk of outages

The Power management function helps automatically redistribute the electrical load between cooking zones when it is about to exceed the limit.

Place pot, activate controls

Isn’t it great to have the hob adapt your cooking style, not the other way around? Sensors automatically detect where pots are placed on the cooking surface and illuminate the controls.

Auto heat-up

Designed for professional-grade power and performance, Electrolux induction hobs can boil 1 liter of water in just 3 minutes.

Check out some Electrolux induction hobs:

  • Induction is safe, fast, and energy efficient.
  • Power management prevents electrical outages.
  • Residual heat indicator helps to avoid accidents.
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  • PowerBoost provides quick, intense heat.
  • Induction is safe, fast, and energy efficient.
  • Pot detection lights up the controls for the zone.
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Gas stoves


Providing rapid and powerful heat, gas stoves are popular amongst cooking enthusiasts and more traditional homes. Coming with an electric ignition, you can start cooking within moments. A great advantage of cooking with gas is a clear visualization of the heat via the bare flame.

Ideal for:

  • Family
  • Entertainer
  • Serious Home Cook

Below are some highlighted features that Electrolux gas stoves offer: 

Sturdy and stable

Sturdy cast iron supports make sure that your pots and pans stay firm while cooking.

Blue power flame

Electrolux Gas Stove with Blue Power Flame offers enhanced efficiency for faster heat up at 5.0kW ensuring delicious results every time you cook.

Multi burners

Multi Burners cater to various cooking requirements and cook simultaneously.

30 mbar gas pressure

This appliance is compatible with low pressure regulators and a maximum gas pressure of 30 mbar.


With DualFlame, both the inner and outer burner flames can be adjusted. You can choose either the inner ring for gentle heating or add the power of the outer ring for intense stir frying.

Check out some Electrolux gas stoves:

  • Blue flame burns efficiently to lower energy cost.
  • DualFlame provides the heat to simmer or stir-fry.
  • Compatible with low pressure regulators at 30 mbar.
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  • Blue flame burns efficiently to lower energy cost.
  • DualFlame provides the heat to simmer or stir-fry.
  • Compatible with low pressure regulators at 30 mbar.
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  • Blue flame burns efficiently to lower energy cost.
  • Three burner flexibility.
  • Compatible with low pressure regulators at 30 mbar.
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3. Stove design & other considerations 


Installation costs

Something to consider with any appliance purchase is installation costs or kitchen adjustments that need to be done to fit the appliance.

When looking at a gas stove, you will need to ensure you have a gas connection and whether your connection is natural or LPG ensuring the stove you choose is compatible. If you are leaning toward induction cooking in your kitchen you will need to assess whether you have enough amps to power an induction hob.

New cookware investment

Most modern cookware is induction friendly, however, there are still a lot out there that are not. This may mean that you need to purchase new pots and pans.

Before you do the mental calculations of the extra costs grab a magnet and see if the base of your pots and pans attracts the magnet, if they do you should be cooking with induction in no time.

4. Warranty & service   


Subject to terms and conditions our stoves come with 12 months warranty in Philippines, following the date of purchase. Click here to view Terms and Conditions. 

Support & service 

We have a Customer Care team available to assist you over the phone seven days a week, and a national network of experienced technicians and selected service agents. Offering a fixed price guarantee with no additional hidden labor costs, giving you peace of mind that your appliance is in good hands. Click here to contact customer care. Click here to book a service online. 

Stove & hob FAQs

  • What is an induction hob?

    An induction hob is an electromagnetic flat surface stove that ensures fast heating using direct induction heating of cooking vessels. It is a seamless, cost-effective, and time-efficient stove.

  • How does induction cooking work?

    When a suitable cooking pot or pan is placed on top of the induction hob an electric current is passed through a coil of copper wire that is located underneath the ceramic plate.

  • Do I need new pots and pans?
    To ensure your pan is compatible with an Induction hob it needs to have magnetic capability. This can be simply tested by placing a magnet on the bottom of your pan to see if it attracts, if so then your pan should work on the stove.
  • Is induction cooking better than gas?

    Cooking with induction gives you precise temperature control. It is more precise than gas or electric counterparts. Not to mention the flexibility to accommodate different types and amounts of cookware (pots and pans with magnetic capability).

    Induction cooking is also highly efficient because very little heat energy escapes-unlike with an open gas flame, the heat goes around the cookware and just a minimal residual heat is left when you remove the cookware.

    Discover more benefits of induction hobs.  

  • How do you clean an induction hob?
    These are simple tips to clean and maintain an induction hob:
    • Make sure you switch off the stove before cleaning.
    • Let the stove cool down before cleaning.
    • Dab a small amount of glass ceramic stove cleaner onto the stove.
    • Make use of a damp sponge to wipe away spills on the stove.
    • Wipe off the stove with a clean, dry cloth.

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