5 things pet owners should consider before buying a robot vacuum cleaner

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5 things to consider before buying a robot vacuum cleaner for cat owners
We all adore our furry pets, but shedding can be a major pain. An additional member of the family, no matter how small and cute, always means extra work. In that case, you might want to consider investing in a robot vacuum cleaner that can do a daily sweep for you.

There's no shortage of models on the market, but finding one that works well, offers the features you want, and fits within your budget can be a bit of a challenge.

In this write-up, Electrolux Philippines will guide you through a deeper look at five things that pet owners should consider before buying a robot vacuum cleaner.

1. House conditions

Your living conditions will likely have impact on the decision of what type of pet-friendly robot vacuum cleaner you should purchase.

Different homes and lifestyles will benefit from different types of cleaners. Pondering what you need and take a close look at some conditions of your house including house structure, house size, and type of floor will come down to the most proper decision-making.

2. Sensor feature

It’s rare for a room to be completely empty with your small buddy running around, so a robot that can safely navigate your home in its cluttered, lived-in glory is essential. Thus, sensor feature is key factor into a decision-making of choosing a robot vacuum cleaner for home with pets.

Many robot vacuums are equipped with a series of sensors such as dust sensor, obstacle detection, floor detection, and 3D sensor. Sensor feature helps stop the cleaner from bumping into any furniture, people, or animals it encounters, which in turn also protects the robot vacuum cleaner itself from possible damages.

Other sophisticated models will map out a room using laser-guided scanners or a combination of cameras and sensors.

5 things to consider before buying a robot vacuum cleaner for cat owners

For example, our Electrolux robot vacuum cleaner PI92-6SGM introduces 3D Vision System, which can scan the room to accurately steer clear of obstacles without getting stuck or stranded. When combined with the 3D mapping navigation, cleaning is carried out in a structured and efficient manner to avoiding covering the same area multiple times.

3. Noise level

Vacuuming can be noisy. The suction creates a noise that cannot usually be avoided. However, if you have a sensitive pet who might be wary of a seemingly sentient machine, the factor in the amount of noise should be in heavier consideration.

Depending on the strength of motor or noise-dampening design, noise level of robot vacuum cleaner varies for different models and brand. It’s advised to choose a robot vacuum cleaner with sound level of 65–80 decibels since they’re generally quiet and won’t disturb you or your pets.

4. Filter replacement cost

5 things to consider before buying a robot vacuum cleaner for cat owners

One of the inconveniences when using a robot vacuum cleaner to clean after your pets is that you'll also have to make sure you plan for frequent maintenance. Things like the roller brush, side brushes and filters will eventually wear out and need replacing.

Thus, filter replacement cost is also an important factor to consider when buying a robot vacuum cleaner if you have a pet at home. Go for brands of which you can easily find genuine replacement accessories on the local market.

5. Pros & cons of robot vacuum cleaner for home with pets

So, will a robot cleaner be joining you as your right-hand helper? Table below will summarize the Pros & Cons when owning a robot vacuum cleaner for home with dogs or cats.

Pros Cons
  • More regular cleaning
  • Flexible cleaning schedule. You can even do the clean up when you’re not home
  • Keep pet hair under control
  • Not as costly as you might think
  • Trash bins need to be emptied more often
  • Frequent maintenance


Robot vacuums are a great tool in keeping your home clean and hygienic, even near the litter box. If you are a pet owner and on the market for the right robot vacuum cleaner to fit your needs, hope that you have found helpful information from our article.

  • 3D Vision System detects and navigates obstacles.
  • TrinityShape for better corner and wall cleaning.
  • Wifi control your vacuum from anywhere.
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FAQs by pet owners before buying a robot vacuum cleaner

Question 1: Can pet hair damage a robot vacuum cleaner?

Pet hair carries a lot of dust, and it’s even more painful for your robot vacuum cleaner when it’s wet or moist.

Pet owners are advised to take care of your robot vacuum cleaner by taking off the air compressor and treat it with a good cleaning, including the filters, to get all smaller hairs out.

Most robot vacuum cleaner products offered by reliable brands such as Electrolux can handle pet hair with ease. What is more, Electrolux robot vacuum cleaner filters are washable and come with multi-layer dust filtration, which ensures optimal performance while minimizes maintenance cost.

We are offering a wide variety of Electrolux cordless vacuum cleaners, canisters, and robot vacuum cleaners that are both energy efficient and pet friendly.

  • 4-step filtration system for a deeper clean.
  • Clean more in one go, even when near capacity.
  • Designed for easy emptying with single button release.
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  • 2-in-1 performance nozzle cleans all floor types.
  • Hygienic HEPA filter for a clean, healthy home.
  • Lightweight and compact storage for ease of use.
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  • Magnetic charging station so you can grab and go.
  • Full suction*, even as the dust bin fills.
  • PowerPro nozzle for 7x better pick-up*.
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  • Grab & Go for quick, convenient cleaning.
  • PowerPro roller cleans and polishes hard floors.
  • Cyclonic system maintains suction even when full.
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Question 2: Can pets break your robot vacuum cleaner?

Your lovely buddy will most likely not attack your robot vacuum cleaner. You may sometimes experience a minor scratch or some plastic ruins, but it’s not an extreme matter.

Most of nowadays vacuum cleaner are equipped sensor, laser, or camera-based vision system, so there is no need to remove objects or your pets from floor before cleaning.

Find the support you need for your Electrolux vacuum cleaner here.

Question 3: What you should do if your pet is scared of your vacuum cleaner?

If your pet is still scared no matter what robot vacuum cleaner you’re using, here are some advice for you:

  • Secure a high ground for your cat or dog to jump to
  • Reward her/him with a good treat
  • Move your pets into another room and close the door so she/he can relax while the robot does its thing.

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