How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home

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There are many types of vacuum cleaners on the market that it can be confusing to decide how to choose a vacuum cleaner that best fits your needs. You’ll see a range of colors, functionalities, and prices.

This article will help you understand how different vacuum cleaners work, what your options are and how to narrow down your options to find the best types of vacuums for you and your home.

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home

Cordless handstick vacuum cleaner - The handy helper

Those who prefer quick clean-ups will enjoy its cord-free and grab-and-go design with an easily accessible charging station. A cordless handstick vacuum is more comfortable to use with its lightweight frame and detachable handheld unit, making it easy for you to move around the house and attend to accidental messes or pet dander.

If you’re not fond of cleaning but you’re trying to develop the habit, cordless vacuum cleaners like the Pure Q9 will make it easier for you. The Pure Q9 cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with innovative airflow design to deliver full suction performance throughout the entire clean, even as the dust bin fills up. With Grab & Go feature, you can simply take the vacuum from its magnetic charging station for an impromptu clean and then easily return it after use.

See some Electrolux cordless models below:

Robot vacuum cleaner - The all-arounder

The most convenient option, perfect for on-the-go multi-taskers, robot vacuums are remotely controlled from your phone wherever you are, automatically activating according to the schedule you set.

This smart home gadget is quite small but offers high cleaning efficiency. It also has excellent floor-cleaning skills. Known as smart cleaning, it can do far more than what your traditional upright vacuum can offer and requires no intervention on your part. Check out things that pet owners should consider before buying a robot vacuum cleaner.

The Electrolux Pure i9.2 accurately maps out your house with a 3D navigation system, cleans even tough-to-reach spots, and quickly charges - all on its own so you can come home to clean floors without having done any heavy lifting. Discover our robot vacuums now:

  • Pure i9.2 robot vacuum cleaner


    • 3D Vision System detects and navigates obstacles.
    • TrinityShape for better corner and wall cleaning.
    • Wifi control your vacuum from anywhere.
    • Accessories included: 1

Bagged canister vacuum cleaner - The dust keeper

This is perfect for the allergy-prone and those who want a deep clean. Bagged canister vacuum cleaners are designed with a bag that is to be changed and disposed of when full. Bagged canisters generally have better filtration, larger dust capacity, and more hygienic bag changing - like the CompactGo.

With its high-performance suction nozzle, Electrolux CompactGo bagged vacuum cleaners offer maximum cleaning efficiency. The product has the power of 1,600-watt motor power, dust capacity of 1 liter and micro dust filter that will protect you from invisible bacteria and small particles.

  • CompactGo canister vacuum cleaner


    • 2-in-1 performance nozzle cleans all floor types.
    • Hygienic HEPA filter for a clean, healthy home.
    • Lightweight and compact storage for ease of use.

Bagless canister vacuum cleaner - The clear contender

This has the same suction strength, filtration and overall performance as its bagged counterpart. But instead of replaceable dust bags, it has a dust chamber - perfect for the eco-conscious who’d rather empty it. Plus, it’s satisfying to see how much dirt you lifted off your floors from the clear canister.

Even if they’re bagless, it’s better to still have less contact with dust. Look for ones with hygienic emptying, like the Ease C4 bagless canister vacuum cleaners that have single button release to carefully dispose your dust in an effortless way. The high-capacity dust container can store up to 1.8 liters, so it requires emptying less often.

Read more:
  • Ease C3 canister vacuum cleaner


    • 4-step filtration system for a deeper clean.
    • Clean more in one go, even when near capacity.
    • Designed for easy emptying with single button release.
    • Accessories included: 6
  • Ease C4 canister vacuum cleaner


    • 4-step filtration system for a deeper clean.
    • Clean more in one go, even when near capacity.
    • Designed for easy emptying with single button release.
    • Accessories included: 5


Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your home can be time-consuming. For easy comparison, we have a summary table of different types of vacuum cleaners for you:


Cleaning Surface

Best for cleaning

Noise level


Storage size


Tight spots (car seat, couch)

Dust, crumbs, pet hair





Carpets, hard floors, stairs

Dirt, dust, food





Hard floors, light carpets

Surface garbage (crumbs, hair)





Hard floors, carpets

Dirt, dust, hair




Wet and dry

Floors, cars, furniture

Liquids, solids, food, dust





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