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Have you ever thought about how your food was processed before it even got to your plate? It sprouted from tilled land, eaten by animals, processed by factories, transported by trucks, sold in retail, until it made its way to your kitchen — all of which contribute to the food industry that largely threatens our environment.

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While ovens have become a mainstay in kitchens around the world, many people aren’t always sure how to properly use their oven to cook delicious meals. Oven maintenance and cleaning are also incredibly important to keep your oven in great shape for many years to come.

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Air fryers are incredibly useful appliances that provide lots of cooking options while taking up relatively little space in your kitchen. But how do you get the tastiest and healthiest results when cooking with an air fryer? Don’t worry, Electrolux is here to provide you with the most useful tips on how to cook with an air fryer, so put on your chef’s hat and find out more.

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You wash your pillowcases regularly, but what about your polyester pillows? They’re often overlooked but it’s crucial to give them a deep clean to remove buildup of dead skin, sweat, oils, and saliva that can attract dust mites.

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Meat, and particularly beef, is one of the most beloved foodstuffs around the world. People eat billions of kilograms of meat every year, but sobering statistics show that around 20% of all the meat that is produced is never eaten.

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A vacuum is easy to use but there’s a difference between clean and impeccably spotless — it’s all in the details. It’s actually not as simple as switching it on and gliding it on the floor.

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