Swedish thinking. Better living.

Rooted in our Swedish values and a sustainable relationship with nature, we design with a clear purpose. We do everything we can to nurture our planet for the future generations. We not only create taste experiences, take care of clothes and maintain a comfortable home. We create experiences that are shaped by the way we live and by innovations that helps people live better

100 years of better living

Electrolux has been contributing to a better life for 100 years. We are proud of what we have achieved, but we are not content with that. See our current and future commitments in our Better Living program.

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Swedish values Swedish values

From our beginning in Sweden in 1919, we have strived to make home life a better experience for everyone - richer and more effortless whatever the task. Taking great design solutions to support the everyday home life of our consumers, allowing them to do more with their loved ones and in a sustainable manner.

Sustainability Sustainability

Our vision is to give consumers the opportunity to experience more with less negative impact on society and environment. This is an essential part of the "better living" promise.

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Professional Expertise Professional Expertise

With decades of expertise in supporting the most demanding professional consumers, Electrolux is the proven leader and expert in taste and care. We can equip consumers with the best quality and latest and most high-performing innovations to deliver experiences in their homes.


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