7kg Twin Tub Washers with Power Pulsator

7kg Twin Tub Washers with Power Pulsator

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Gentle yet powerful

The pulsator with its powerful rotating action gives your clothes a deep clean yet gentle wash, so that your clothes are circulated evenly in the drum and do not tangle.

Extra rinse, better spin

The extra rinse option in the spinning tub ensures you don't have any detergent residue on your clothes after the cycle is complete giving you better cleaning performance.

Speed up drying with AirTurbo

With AirTurbo Technology enjoy shorter dry times due to the high spin speeds that wick away more moisture from your clothes ensuring they dry faster than air-drying alone.

Sleak Design meets Durablity

The sleak design and durable body is created with non-corrosive, rust-proof material that is resistant to moisture and humidity, ensuring your machine looks great for years to come.

Large, easy to use knob

The knobs are large, stylish and ergonomically designed to make them extremely easy to use and enable you to operate the machine effortlessly.


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