78cm built-in induction hob

78cm built-in induction hob

  • EHI845BB
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  • Versatile cooking with multiple cooking zones
  • Faster cooking with speedy heating
78cm built-in induction hob
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Powerful  performance Powerful  performance

Powerful performance

Inspired by professional power and performance, Electrolux Induction Hob can boil 1 litre of water in just 3 minutes. So you can enjoy tasty meals in no time.
Precise power control Precise power control

Precise power control

Enjoy professional delicious results exactly the way you want it. Electrolux precise power control allows you to go from high to low heat instantly so you never undercook or overcook again.
Cool Touch and Safety Control Cool Touch and Safety Control

Cool Touch and Safety Control

Electrolux Induction Hob heats the cookware directly while the cooktop stays cool and safe, eliminating worries about accidental burning or hot cooking environment.
Energy Efficient Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Enjoy low energy consumption with Electrolux Induction Hob. It's 30% more energy efficient than gas and 10% more efficient than ceramic hobs.
Easy to Clean Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean

Thanks to the cool, smooth and flat surface of the black ceramic glass surface, spills do not stick or burn, making it effortless and safe to clean as you go.
Easy To Use Easy To Use

Easy To Use

No need to guess which pot you can use - if a magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan, it works.


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