341L UltimateTaste 300 top freezer refrigerator - Black 341L UltimateTaste 300 top freezer refrigerator - Black 341L UltimateTaste 300 top freezer refrigerator - Black

341L UltimateTaste 300 top freezer refrigerator - Black

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  • TasteSeal keeps fish for 7 days without freezing.
  • TasteLockAuto keeps vegetables fresh for 7 days.
  • WaterStream for chilled water through the door.
  • EvenTemp reduces temperature fluctuations.
  • TasteGuard keeps your fridge smelling fresh.
  • AutoIce maker ensures you always have ice at hand.

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Fresh meat and fish, all week

Fresh meat and fish, all week

Tender meat and delicious seafood, always stored and cooked from fresh. The TasteSeal compartment maintains a consistent temperature of -2°C to keep your best ingredients in prime condition for up to 7 days* without freezing. This means that you can always cook from fresh to serve meat and seafood that is juicy in texture, bright in colour, and delicious in taste.

*Passed TUV Rheinland testing of microbiology plate count in salmon, chicken, and beef. Average weight loss <2% after 7 days. sample tested ebb3702k.>

Fresh fruit and veg, all week

Fresh fruit and veg, all week

TasteLockAuto maintains a humid environment to keep fruit and vegetables fresh and bursting with flavour for up to 7 days.* A membrane automatically releases excess moisture to reduce condensation and stop your produce from spoiling early.

*Test protocol T110568M8 <20% average weight loss after 7 days storage (models etb3402, etb3702). lettuce -13%, strawberry -6%, carrot -8%, mushroom -18%.>

Chilled water on demand

Chilled water on demand

WaterStream allows you to effortlessly grab a chilled glass of water directly through the fridge door. And with a 4L water tank you can pour 16 glasses of water* before needed to refill.

*Based on metric cup of 250ml.

Ice on demand

Ice on demand

The convenient automatic ice maker ensures that you always have crystal-clear ice at hand to cool down you drinks.

EvenTemp. Tasty food.

EvenTemp. Tasty food.

EvenTemp keeps your food tasty for longer by minimising temperature fluctuations. By cooling each shelf individually, a consistent temperature is maintained throughout the entire compartment, preserving taste and texture for longer.

Clean, hygienic storage

Clean, hygienic storage

TasteGuard uses a carbon filter to keep your fridge fresh, hygienic and free from unwanted odours* that can change the taste and smell of your food.

*93.5% reduction in odour tested using protocol GB21551.4-2010


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