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“Dries bedsheets efficiently. The drying time was shorter than I had expected. I hope my electricity bill will be reduced because of this”

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Dryers are some of the most useful appliances a household can have. Not only do they let you save time that you would otherwise have used waiting for your clothes to air-dry, they also protect your clothes from any dirt or odour they may pick up while hanging to dry. Modern dryers come in many different models. As an overview, let’s look at a number of factors to differentiate dryers, such as size and capacity, dryer type, and special features.

Dryer size and placement

Standard dimensions for a clothes dryer are a height of 85cm, a width of 60cm and a depth of either 53cm (integrated dryers) or 60cm (freestanding dryers). With these dimensions, it fits comfortably under any countertop. Before being installed, it must be assured that a place has all the hook-ups or vents it needs for the specific dryer type.

Choosing your perfect dryer type

  • Venting dryers: Usually the cheapest dryers, these appliances dry your clothes with heated air and then vent the moist air to the outside.
  • Condenser dryers: Like venting dryers, condenser dryers use heated air for drying, but then condense the moist air into water, which is then stored or drained. They’re usually more energy-efficient than vented dryers.
  • Heat pump dryers: These dryers cool down the hot, moist air, and reuse it for further drying after extracting the water. These are the most energy-efficient dryers currently available and are suitable for people who want to reduce their environmental impact even further.

Dryer capacity

Depending on the model and the brand, different capacities are available for dryers. As a rule of thumb, households usually require the following capacities:

  • 1-2 people: Up to 5kg
  • 4 people: Up to 7kg
  • 4+ people: 10kg or more

Note that these are only estimates and requirements may vary depending on the household.

Dryer features

Apart from the obvious benefits like dry and fragrant clothes, dryers come with a variety of additional features that fit different households’ needs.

  • Intelligent cycles use special sensors that adjust drying times depending on how wet your clothes are. This protects them from added wear and tear and results in a shorter drying time.
  • ReverseTumbling reduces wrinkling in your dried clothes by up to one third.
  • VapourRefresh further reduces wrinkles and refreshes fabrics.
  • ColourCare prevents the fading of your favourite coloured garments.

Find out some tips on how to choose a clothes dryer for your home.

Choosing the perfect dryer with Electrolux


Choosing the perfect dryer with Electrolux


Electrolux dryers offer a perfect drying solution that will protect the fabrics and colours of your favourite garments. With innovative technologies like VapourRefresh or ColourCare, your clothes are in good hands. Add to that the savings you’ll make thanks to Electrolux’s energy-efficient drying process, and it becomes clear that an Electrolux dryer is the best addition to your laundry room. If you need further information about our products, find the support you need for your Electrolux dryers now!

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