Reallife Dishwasher

Get the most out of your Electrolux Real Life Dishwashers. Here’s a list of 2 things you need to know from our most frequently asked questions. For more information, browse Electrolux dishwashers available in the Philippines.

How much do we need to pay for one wash cycle using a dishwasher?

The consumption value:

Program with maximum Energy consumption : Auto wash program - 1.7kWh

Electricity bill calculation:

Energy Consumption (kWh) x TNB tariff rate =

1.7 kWh x 21.8 sen/kWh = 37sen

Do we need to use the dishwasher salt when we use dishwasher in Malaysia?

The dishwasher salt is used to remove the hardness of mineral ions (i.e. Calcium & Magnesium) from the water. Since Malaysia has low water hardness that means low concentration of Calcium and Magnesium ions therefore the dishwasher salt is not required in using a dishwasher in the Philippines.

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