Caring for the Environment

The new collection of Electrolux fridges have been designed with the planet, and you, in mind. Each fridge uses a more environmentally friendly refrigerant, which uses significantly less energy than other types of refrigerants and results in superior energy efficiency. They also include easy glide crispers and freezer bins, steel wine caddies, and Spillsafe glass shelves.

Energy efficiency

Reducing energy consumption is a key objective in all product development at Electrolux. That’s why our new collection of fridges and freezers have been thoughtfully designed with efficiency in mind, offering up to four-star energy ratings in our range.

Caring for the environment

We strive to create products with lower greenhouse gas emissions to create a better world today and tomorrow. By utilising R600A, a non-synthetic, more environmentally friendly refrigerant, you can feel confident your refrigerator is creating less impact on the environment.

Eco-friendly to save you energy

As we head towards a greener way of living, our energy-efficient Eco Mode feature will help keep you moving in the right direction. Eco Mode reduces the amount of energy used and was thoughtfully created for those times when you’re not using your fridge. What’s more, using less energy can also reduce your energy bills.

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