NutriFresh™ and FlexFresh™ Refrigerators

NutriFresh™ and FlexFresh™ Refrigerators

Households can now enjoy market fresh fruits and vegetables 24/7 with the Electrolux NutriFresh™ and FlexFresh™ refrigerators.

The Electrolux NutriFresh™ and FlexFresh™ range of refrigerators understand your desire and passion for a healthier lifestyle. Intuitively designed with the latest innovative technology, these new ranges introduce a myriad of features that enable greater flexibility in storing your food and better systems to keep them fresher for longer; allowing you to enjoy their wholesome goodness without compromise.

Keeping It Fresh

Good air circulation is critical for proper refrigeration and freezing, as improper circulation can cause temperatures to differ in different compartments.

Most people compensate for poor air circulation by ensuring the refrigerator’s air vents are uncovered and products are spaced out evenly. The NutriFresh™ and FlexFresh™ refrigerators have a multi-layer, multi-airflow system that ensures consistent temperatures throughout the refrigerator. Their unique Deo-Fresh™ feature works in tandem to attract and absorb stray odors.

Keeping It Nutritious

The faster you freeze food, the longer they stay fresh and the better they preserve their nutrients. Fast Freeze functions like those found on the NutriFresh™ and FlexFresh™ refrigerators help lower the temperature of the freezer and chill food faster.

The NutriLight™ feature also offers a unique light treatment which helps to distribute light evenly from system of LEDs to improve vitamin content in food. In doing so, it ensures you will always eat fresh and well.

Keeping It Flexible

The NutriFresh™ and FlexFresh™ refrigerators utilize FlexStor™ design to provide a combination of adjustable shelves and bins that give you the flexibility to store food your way. Flexible compartments in the doors move from side to side and up and down to make room for the tallest bottles. Unique features like Bag Clips help you hang storage bags straight from the marketplace for easy access.

All is controlled by the intuitive FreshLogic™ interface, which allows easy adjustment of the temperature for different settings, inclusing a holiday mode, fast freeze and a drinks chill mode.

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