Lux 1 - 1912

A visionary and sales genius, company founder Axel Wenner-Gren saw the potential of adapting the industrial vacuum cleaner for use in homes, marking the beginning of the end for brooms in the modern home. The company's first home vacuum cleaner, Lux 1, was quite hefty and weighed in at 14kg. Electrolux literally flexed its sales muscle as sales representatives had to push the vacuum up the street on a handcart to homes for product demonstrations. These sessions were conducted only when the breadwinner was at home so that they could approve the investment of the Lux 1.

Model V - 1921

The Model V was designed by Wenner-Gren in his continued quest to create the modern vacuum cleaner for the home. It was designed to lie on the floor and for the very first time, runners were introduced which continued to be featured until well into the 1960's.

Z30 aka The Loaf - 1938

By the 1930s, function and utility were no longer enough incentives to attract buyers to a product. As industrial design started streamlining cars and trains, Electrolux saw the value in adopting the same sleek elegance for its vacuums. The company tracked down and hired leading industrial designers of the time, including the internationally-renowned designer of the iconic Lucky Strike package, Raymond Loewy. The result was fashionably streamlined appliances like the Mod Z30, also nicknamed "the Loaf", which turned trendy design into a competitive advantage for the company.

The Luxomatic - 1964

Electrolux got ahead of the game with the creation of an in-house design department. Hugo Lindstrom, the first designer to lead design full-time in Electrolux, built a team to take on the creation of innovative new products. They quickly earned their keep with one of their first projects, the Luxomatic Z90 vacuum cleaner. Pioneering features such as a cord winder, a self-sealing dust bag and an indicator that informs users when the dust bag is full, the Luxomatic Z90 was the first of a new generation of vacuum cleaners.

Trilobite - 2001

Another of the world's "first", Electrolux debuts the first robotic vacuum cleaner for homes. Measuring only 13cm high with a diameter of 35cm, the intelligent Trilobite was a slice of automated science fiction in the home, letting users put their feet up while it cleaned their house for them. Using ultrasound to navigate homes, this vacuum tucked itself into its charger when finished, before turning itself off. It might have had trouble with stairs but hey, so did the robot Daleks in Dr Who, and we know which we'd rather have in our homes.

Ultra Silencer - 2003

Continuing the spirit of thoughtful design based on consumer insight, the new millennium sees Electrolux combine innovation with an increased emphasis on environmental sustainability. This leads to green models like the Ultrasilencer Green that is made from 55% recycled plastic and is great on energy savings as well. This powerful eco-friendly vac also has another trick up its sleeve. It's so quiet that you can continue cleaning even with someone sleeping in the same room.

Ergorapido 2-in-1 - 2004

By the 21st century, the modern lifestyle had changed considerably since the advent of the household vacuum cleaner. A new cleaning behavior emerged, emphasizing cleaning of limited spaces immediately, rather than spending a long period of time cleaning larger areas. The Ergorapido 2-in-1 was created to complement this modern trend with a grab and go design. It was the first cordless stick cleaner that contained both a mini upright vacuum and a handheld vacuum. Users could take this lightweight appliance and clean anywhere they wanted immediately. To top it all off, it could be stored in plain sight without becoming an eyesore. The juries of several prestigious design awards agreed, and the Ergorapido won the Red Dot Design Award and the IF Design Award, among others.

Rapido - 2007

The Rapido range changed the game for the handheld vacuum cleaner. Powerful enough to clean wet surfaces and featuring the more efficient cyclonic cleaning, it was a relief to mothers of young children everywhere. With models that contained on-board storage of brush and crevice tools and the innovative addition of wheels to its design, the Rapido is one of the most versatile vacuum cleaners. As an added bonus, the wheels allow the vacuum to glide effortlessly over surfaces rather than scrape over them, eliminating any risk of damage.

Ultra One & Ultra Active - 2010

Whether you live in a large home or a small apartment, lead an active or more laid back lifestyle, an advocate of green living or simply in need an energy-efficient yet powerful vacuum cleaner, the Ultra range has a model that will suit all your needs. Homeowners have never been presented with more options. From the superior handling of the Ultra One, the compact portability of the Ultra Active, the energy-efficient power of the Jetmaxx and the long reach of the compact Ergospace, the Ultra range has model that's perfectly suited for every need.


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