Ultra comfort at home all year round

Ultra comfort at home all year round

The Electrolux Viva Grande range of inverter air conditioners brings you comfort whatever the conditions – the uncomfortable summer heat or the very humid rainy season. Every one of our air conditioners shows our design values – outside and in. They work efficiently, offers great cooling performance, filter the air cleanly and quietly, look great and are a pleasure to use – giving you total control in your home environment. 

Designed for Comfort

One of the key design features of the Electrolux Viva Grande range is the ‘oversized’ louvers, which ensure long-distance air diffusion throughout the home. The three louvers operate via an independent motor, giving them an auto left-right swing motion that creates 3D air flow and diffuses air to every corner of the room.

At the same time, the DC inverter technology ensures low operational noise of up to 21 decibels, ensuring undisturbed rest for the entire family. Facilitating that comfortable slumber is a three-mode Genius Sleep function that offers easy customisation of one’s own ‘sleep programme’.  This helps save on energy as the air conditioner is adjusted to suit specific sleeping patterns.

Cleaner, purer air quality for the family

This range of air-conditioners comes equipped with an impressive list of air purifying features such as a Duo Plasma system, Integrated Air Purifiers and Active Plasma technology. Integrated Air Purifiers within the unit combine the BioHEPA, Vitamin C and HD filters to work in tandem with the Duo Plasma System and Active Plasma technology. The first is a plasma dust purifier that traps various dust particles like dust, pollen and pet furs while the latter prevents the formation of mould and even kills viruses and bacteria by releasing ‘active plasma’ from the outlet to every corner of the room. The overall effect is improved air quality in the home and better health benefits for all to enjoy.

Total Control, Every time

Designed with the end-user in mind, these air conditioners are also easy to use and maintain.  A user-friendly remote control with I Feel technology ensures effortless control of the unit, which is equipped with 7-speed fan options that provide accurate control and more comfort. Temperature information around the remote is sent to the unit for more accurate adjustments. Whisper-quiet and dynamic, the I Feel function provides maximum comfort, wherever you go. With a sensor built-in to the remote control, the system maintains a constant temperature for where you are in the room – rather than where the thermostat on the wall is.

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