Steamed Fish with Herbs

Cook Time: 12-15mins | Temperature: 75°C | Shelf Level: 2 | Function: Full Steam | Water: 270ml | Serves: 4 - 6



1. 1kg fresh fillet of sea Bream or Bass
2. 1 lemon
3. Pinch of salt
4. Pinch of pepper
5. Olive oil
6. Clove of garlic or two, sliced
7. Herbs — whatever is available fresh (coriander, fresh onion, oregano, basil and flat parsley are all good options)


1. Set the steam oven to the ‘Full Steam’ function, temperature 75°C.
2. Coat the fish in the oil, sprinkle salt and pepper, put in the steam cooking dish.
3. Cut the herbs into 5-6cm pieces.
4. Wash and slice the lemon and place on the fish.
5. Spread the garlic slices on the fish.
6. Cook on shelf level 2 on the ‘Full Steam’ function at the preheated temperature of 75°C for 15 minutes.
7. Strain the stock into a small pan and bring to the boil. Switch off the hob, add the butter and egg yolk and blend to a creamy sauce.
8. Season with salt and pepper and pour over the steamed fish fillets.

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