Rhubarb Meringue Cake

Steam: 8-10 mins | Bake: 60 mins



1. 80g Shortening (butter/margarine) held at room temperature.
2. 280g Sugar (to be split 200g and 80g – see method).
3. 3 Egg yolks.
4. 6 Egg whites.
5. 160g Flour.
6. 1tsp Baking powder.
7. 6tbsp Milk.
8. 3-4 Stalks of rhubarb.
9. 1 Vanilla pod or three drops of vanilla essence.


1. Peel and cut rhubarb into 3cm long pieces.
2. Cream the shortening (butter/margarine), add 80g of sugar and the vanilla.
3 .Add 3 egg yolks.
4. Slowly add flour (premixed with baking powder) and milk.
5. Spread dough in lined baking tin and distribute rhubarb pieces evenly on top.
6. Bake 15-20min at 175° Celsius.
7. In the meantime whip 6 egg whites untll stiff and add 200g sugar.
8. Distribute on top of partially baked cake and continue baking for a further 15-20min. until meringue is lightly browned.
9. Enjoy!

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