Beetroot Carpaccio

Steam: 30 - 45 mins | Boil: 45-60 mins | Serves: 4



1. 3 medium sized red beets
2. 3 medium sized polka beets
3. 6 radishes
4. Sorrel, leaves and flowers
5. Fresh basil
6. 2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar
7. ½ dl of fresh raspberries
8. Extra-virgin olive oil
9. Sea salt
10. Black pepper


1. Cut off the stems of the beetroot, leaving about 5 cm. For best results use a steam oven or a steam insert. Depending on the size of beetroot and method, cook for 30-45mins. Beets should be soft but still firm when ready.
2. Rub off the skin of the beets with a damp towel and slice them and the radishes thinly with a mandolin.
3. Crush the raspberries roughly and mix with the balsamic vinegar.
4. Place the beetroot and radish slices, sorrel leaves and flowers evenly on a plate and garnish with basil. Drizzle olive oil, raspberry vinaigrette and season with salt and pepper.

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