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    The Assistent was developed based on our professional kitchen experiences to handle any task in the kitchen and to help you create memorable meals for friends and family.

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  • Inspired by professional chefs. Developed for you.

    Professional chefs all over the world rely on our ovens, cooktops, dishwashers and small appliances to create
    memorable meals for their customers. The Assistent was created with their
    experience in mind so you can too!


    Ultramix Accessories


    Wether kneading dough for bread or pasta, mincing meat or mixing cake batter - performing the toughest kitchen tasks is when the Assistent shines. With a 10-step, 1000W strong motor, the Assistent is powerful enough to handle any task.

    Ultramix blender whisk


    Every Assistent comes with a spiral dough hook, a flat beater, and a whisk so you can skip thouse tough kitchen tasks. Our top model, the black EKM4200, even comes with a food processor and a meat grinder - helping you to prepare a whole dinner at the turn of a knob.


    Electrolux blender stick

    Vortex Power

    With 700 watts of power, the unique velouté blades and bell shaped design, creates a vortex that sucks food into the blades for smoothest results. and the 25cm-long mixing bar lets you mix in the deepest of kitchenware, just like the pros do.

    Ultramix Accessories


    Three special velouté blades eliminate lumps and create a velvety texture in soups, sauces, smoothies, purées, mayonnaise and much more. And, depending on the model, it comes with a food processor, a mini-chopper, and two whisks. Slice it, chop it, whisk it, mix it, blend it, crush it or purée it; with the accessory range of the Ultramix/Pro, you get the same experience as the pros!

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